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Biodiversity 100 – Get Involved!

A new Guardian campaign Biodiversity 100 was launched this week by conservation ecologist Guillaume Chapron and George Monbiot. Biodiversity 100 an international campaign to get those responsible in G20 countries to sign up to very specific pledges to protect our top 100 species or ecosystems that are falling by the political wayside.

In their launch article, Chapron and Monbiot describe the plight of the Pyrenean bear, of which there are only around 20 left in the wild. There are political reasons that more isn’t being done to protect this bear which is on the brink of extinction.

We are looking for our top 100 specific targets we will get authorities sign up to prior to the international biodiversity summit in Japan in October. These can be added via a form [http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2010/aug/13/biodiversity-100-form] on the Biodiversity 100 site or email christine.ottery@biodiversity100.org

Guillaume Chapron:
“As researchers in ecology, we strive that our results are published in the best journals, but we also wish that they can be useful in advancing biodiversity conservation. With many governments stressing their strong commitment to science-based environmental policies, we could hope to successfully reverse the biodiversity crisis. Still, it does not seem to be happening and, in fact, we often observe that pure political considerations prevail over anything else. Are we unable to reach governments or are governments just not listening?.”


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