Wild Tracks

The Week In Carnivores #12


This is a weekly roundup of news items featuring the wild carnivores of the world. If you miss the news during the week, check our blog on Fridays!


Canada lynx: the cross border cat

US F & W Service ordered to re-evaluate 39,000 square miles of potential habitat for Canada lynx

Russia tiger habitat gets a boost with protection of key tree species – IUCN

More tigers found as Nepal-India trans-boundary efforts for tiger conservation intensify

World’s largest tiger reserve created in Myanmar

Re-introducing cheetahs to India.. is it a good idea? Controversy mounting over India’s new plan

North Dakota increases lion hunting quota despite just a few cougars in the state


A Federal judge on Thursday reinstated ESA protections for wolves in Montana and Idaho

Idaho wolf hunt effectively canceled

Big Game Forever launches campaign against wolves

U.S. Feds to review the status of Mexican gray wolf

Wolves not causing most elk losses in Idaho

Vehicle kills wolf in Grand Teton National Park


Grizzly cubs whose mother killed one person and mauled two others were malnourished

Grizzly charges cyclist at Minnewanka Lake near Banff, AB trail closed

Chemical contamination in the Arctic: a growing threat to polar bears, Arctic wildlife, and possibly people


Back from the brink…Black-footed ferrets breeding in Saskatchewan

Former MP supports petition opposing cull of badgers in UK

As California sea otter population declines, conservation fund falters