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What In The World #3

Each Friday we bring you another obscure member of The Carnivora Family. The posts will tell you about the animal, but won’t identify it – you’ll have until Monday to try and figure out what it is!

Our carnivore this week has a reddish coat with distinctive white markings, and long legs. Facial markings include a white crescent below the eyes. The face, ears and upper muzzle are red, and the fur is soft and short.

The contrast between the white markings and the red coat increases as the animal gets older. Thick underfur provides protection for laying on the ground during cold winter temperatures.

Confined to isolated pockets of habitat above the tree line, this animal hunts alone or in a group. They prefer open areas with small shrubs and grasses.

They weigh from 12-19 kg.

Hint: They are found only in Africa

If you’re really up on your carnivores and think you know what this is, drop us a line at bytes@wildcarnivore.com, or leave a comment below.


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