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What In The World #2

Each Friday we bring you another obscure member of The Carnivora Family. The posts will tell you about the animal, but won’t identify it – you’ll have until Monday to try and figure out what it is!

Our critter this week is robustly built with a big, broad head, and a short tail. The short, coarse fur is a grizzled grey in color, and tinged with brown.

The head is relatively big and broad, the muzzle somewhat elongated. Their eyes have greenish irises, and the ears are rather short and rounded. Their claw sheaths are incomplete, which prevents the claws from being fully retracted.

Wetland destruction is the primary threat facing this species, as over 50% of Asian wetlands are under threat and disappearing.

They weigh from 6 – 12 kg (13 – 26 lbs).

Hint: They are only found in southeast Asia

If you’re really up on your carnivores and think you know what this is, drop us a line at bytes@wildcarnivore.com, or leave a comment below.


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